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e3 is an ultra lightweight editor written in assembly. It simulates several different editors:

  • Wordstar (joe) (default)
  • vi
  • pico (nano)
  • ne
  • emacs

It is usable for quick editing, but not very suitable for longer sessions. Since it is written in assembly it is only available on x86 and x86_64 architecture


RAM usage

On: Artix Linux in kB

Command Version USS PSS RSS
e3 2.82 48 48 48

Feature Check

YES NO Remarks
Copy/Cut/Paste X No multiple lines in vi mode
Search X
Replace X
Syntax Higlight X
Auto Word Wrap X
Line Numbers X
Config. Colors X
Beginner friendly Keys X
Config. key bindings X Choosable modes with different keybindings
Command Menu X
Integrated Help X Alt+h doesn't work in xterm, use Esc+h



  • Lightweightness: +++++
  • Simpleness: +++++
  • Easiness: ++++

About Rating

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