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A collection of simple programs.


About Simple Tools

Operating Systems

Installation of Operating Systems

Web browser

  • links console based simple web browser
  • netsurf small web browser with CSS support
  • badwolf minimalist and privacy-oriented WebKitGTK+ browser

Mail Programs

Text editors


  • e3 ultra lightweight editor without dependencies, written in assembly.
  • mg Small, fast, and portable Emacs-like editor.
  • dte Small, easy to use editor with multi-tabbed interface, syntax highlighting
  • nano editor with on-screen key bindings help and syntax highlighting
  • joe editor with Wordstar keybindings
  • mcedit easy to use editor that comes with Midnight Commander
  • vi The traditional vi
  • nvi Reimplementation of vi with multibyte support
  • vim Advanced, extensible vi editor with tons of (optional) features
  • tilde An intuitive text editor for the terminal
  • ne A simple to use editor


  • mdp A command-line based markdown presentation tool.
  • mupdf lightweight document viewer and toolkit, supports PDF, XPS, EPUB,
  • abiword Full-featured graphical word processor.
  • gnumeric spreadsheet program
  • gummi Lightweight LaTeX GTK-based editor with continuous preview mode

File managers


  • mc Midnight Commander - a free N….. Commander Clone
  • vifm a curses based Vim-like file manager
  • nnn a lightweight terminal file manager
  • fff a simple file manager written in bash
  • ranger a console file manager written in python
  • lf a terminal file manager written in Go
  • joshuto a ranger-like terminal file manager written in Rust.

Terminal Emulators


  • mlterm a multilingual terminal emulator on X11. It has a low memory footprint and offers configuration by command line and a graphical tool.
  • xterm The default terminal emulator on X11. Is has support for unicode and truetype fonts. Configuration via .Xresources or popup menu. Memory footprint is moderate.
  • urxvt highly extendable (with Perl) unicode enabled terminal emulator

Window managers



  • cwm a lightweight and efficient stacking window manager for X11
  • fluxbox very lightweight window manager, easy to handle but yet full of features
  • icewm lightweight window manager which resembles the UI of Windows 95
  • openbox highly configurable stacking window manager
  • windowmaker a window manager designed to emulate NeXTSTEP's GUI
  • twm very simple window manager, included in the Xorg distribution
  • fvwm3 Next generation of fvwm
  • jwm window manager with an interface similar to Windows 98



  • i3 dynamic and tiling window manager, completely written from scratch.
  • herbstluftwm a manual tiling window manager
  • awesome a highly configurable window manager
  • bspwm a very lightweight tiling window manager
  • ratpoison tiling wm which manages windows without using a mouse
  • spectrwm a small dynamic tiling window manager with sane defaults

Misc. Tools

  • rofi a window switcher, Application launcher and dmenu replacement
  • xtrlock minimal X display lock program
  • ncdu simple disk usage analyzer with a ncurses interface
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