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GNU Nano

Nano is a reimplementation of the pico text editor, which was the default editor of the mail client Pine. By now it surpasses the features of the original pico editor by far.

Because the most common keybindings are displayed at the bottom by default and it has a beginner friendly key navigation, nano is suitable as an editor for beginners. It is now the default text editor on many GNU/Linux distributions (replacing vi as the traditional text editor on Linux and Unix systems).

It has enough features for simple and medium editing tasks, but may be not the best choice for bigger tasks and programming jobs.


RAM usage

On: Artix Linux in kB

Command Version USS PSS RSS
nano 5.6.1 2204 2453 5024

Feature Check

YES NO Remarks
Copy/Cut/Paste X
Search X
Replace X
Syntax Higlight X
Auto Word Wrap X Esc-$ soft-wrap, Esc-L hard wrap
Line Numbers X M-C displays cursor position
Config. Colors X Syntax colors are configurable
Beginner friendly Keys X
Config. key bindings X
Command Menu X
Integrated Help X



  • Lightweightness: ++++
  • Simpleness: ++++
  • Easiness: +++++

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