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Vifm is a file manager with Vimkeybindings and a traditional “commander” layout with two panels. It's default configuration includes a subset of the traditional commander hotkey layout. However, to use the full potential it is advisable to learn the other keybindings as well.


Commander style

  • F3 View file
  • F4 Edit file
  • F5 Copy file
  • F6 Move file
  • F7 Make directory
  • F8 Delete file

Vi style

  • j,k Move down, up
  • h Enter Parent directory
  • l Open directory/file
  • y yank file
  • p paste file
  • d delete file
  • s Subshell

See cheatsheet at

RAM usage

On: Alpine Linux in kB

Command Version USS PSS RSS
vifm 0.12 3048 3143 3844


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