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icewm is a stacking window manager which resembles the look of Windows95 wih having a start button, a task bar and a tray area. Therefore it is very easy to use by novice users. There are many themes to choose from.

Configuration files are located in ~.icewm

  • preferences main configuration file for IceWM.
  • menu contents of the IceWM application menu.
  • keys customize keyboard shortcuts.
  • toolbar row of launcher icons on the taskbar.
  • winoptions behavior of individual applications.
  • theme Default theme
  • startup script or command (must be executable) executed on startup.
  • shutdown the same for shutdown.

There are several GUI configuration tools in exosctence, but they are no longer maintained for the most part.


RAM Usage

On: Artix Linux

Command Version USS PSS RSS
icewm 2.0.0 11540 13906 18600


  • Lightweightness: +++
  • Simpleness: ++
  • Easiness: +++++

About Rating

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