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Ratpoison is a tiling window manager that allows the user to manage applications without a mouse. The user interface is inspired by GNU Screen. It comes with a small set of default keybindings, which are all initiated by Ctrl-t. Configuration is done in ~/.ratpoisonrc. Note that you can't use the mouse to focus windows. This makes it somewhat unusual to use.

The most important default keybindigs are:

  • Ctrl-t ?: show keybindings
  • Ctrl-t c: open a new terminal
  • Ctrl-t n: switch to next window
  • Ctrl-t N: switch to next monitor
  • Ctrl-t s: v-split
  • Ctrl-t S: h-split
  • Ctrl-t Q: fullscreen/monocle layout


RAM Usage

On: Artix Linux

Command Version USS PSS RSS
ratpoison 1.4.9432852138632


  • Lightweightness: ++++
  • Simpleness: ++++
  • Easiness: ++

About Rating

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